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Ever wondered where modern humans came from? Curious of how Homo sapiens and  Neanderthals survived? Want some handy tips on creating your own hunting gear? 

All of this and more can be explored with our stunning Stone Age sessions.

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A nation split into 7 kingdoms. Invaders from overseas murder and plunder. A fight for power like no other in British history.  Who will save them?
Learn about the numerous Anglo-Saxon kings and how their reigns affected the world we live in today. 

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A Viking watches as a building

Beards, axes, pillaging... and growing vegetables.

Learn all about the ruthless raiders of Lindisfarne, savage seafaring settlers and green fingered farmers with a brutal session on Vikings... Raagh!

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On one side we have a noble, powerful and intimidating king. The other, we have a far removed cousin, who believes the family throne should be his. 

Whose army will you fight in?

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Learn how the Nazi party planned to invade Britain and how ordinary people stepped up to do out of the ordinary feats.

A workshop that focuses on case studies of actual SOE agents and Home Guard operatives. 


Do your children have what it takes to complete their spy training?

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