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Stone Age Tools

  Without the development of Stone Age tools, we wouldn't have the wonderful technology that we have today. It's possible that tools were also made from other materials like wood and bone, however this video focuses on the use of stone.

Toilet Paper

Since the dawn of time people have had to clean their backsides! With no toilet paper, how did our ancestors achieve this task? 

The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles

Felix's Life of Saint Guthlac was part of the complied works that made the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. Look up the extract written by Felix, detailing the nightmarish demons that haunted Saint Guthlac.

Viking Shields

Viking shields, like the Trelleborg and Gokstad finds, were an integral part of combat. As armour like maile and helmets were expensive, shields were the main form of defence for a Viking warrior. With a diameter of about 85 centimeters and a thickness of 8 - 5 millimeters they were much thinner and lighter than most people think.

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