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Beards, axes, pillaging... and growing vegetables.

Not all People from Scandinavia were vicious bloodthirsty raiders. Some just wanted to grow a few carrots in peace.

Learn all about the ruthless raiders of Lindisfarne, savage seafaring settlers and green fingered farmers with a brutal session on Vikings... Raagh!

The following is an example of a whole day session that can be delivered to 1, 2 or 3 classes of approximately 30 children. All sessions can be adapted easily to cater for your topic’s learning outcomes, children's needs and the available space. Resources and materials are supplied, so you don't need to lift a finger!



  • Attack on Lindisfarne - Recount from a Monk

  • Who were the Vikings are where were they from? 

  • How do we know about the Vikings?

  • Why were they raiding?

  • How did they move around?

  • A look at a Viking raider

After Break


  • Training a Viking warrior

  • Archery and Shield walls



  • The tale of Eric the Red

  • A Viking funeral

  • Religion and runes

  • Kubb and other Viking pastimes

  • Final myth buster

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What do our customers say?

Mr Mahal  - Parent helper - Stafford


The History Guy is one of the most creative people I’ve met (I’ve met a lot of people). Not only is he creative, he has an incredible passion for teaching. The History Guy draws on all his creativity and thinking outside the box, coupled with a depth of understanding of young people and child development to create an immersive learning experience. If you’re a teacher or the parent of a primary aged child, you want one of these workshops in your school!

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