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World War II


A huge turning point in the history of our world! 

Learn how the Nazi party planned to invade Britain and how ordinary people stepped up to do out of the ordinary feats.

A workshop that focuses on case studies of actual SOE agents and Home Guard operatives. 

Do your children have what it takes to complete their spy training?


The following is an example of a whole day session that can be delivered to 1 or 2 classes of approximately 30 children. All sessions can be adapted easily to cater for your topic’s learning outcomes, children's needs and the available space. Resources and materials are supplied, so you don't need to lift a finger!


  • Storytelling - The Great War and the aftermath

  • How did it all start?

  • Were all war heroes soldiers?

  • Exploring primary and secondary sources


After Break

  • Storytelling - Special Operations Executives (SOE)

  • Morse Code and Secret Cyphers

  • Becoming your secret identity


  • Planning a flawless operation

  • A rigorous 1940's Army Workout

  • SOE graduation

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