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Let your children explore the history of the Romans through item handing and investigation.

Discover how the Romans became so great, so fast!

Develop your understanding of the Roman economy and roles within society.

If you want a fantastic experience for your class, then please get in touch today!


The following is an example of a whole day session that can be delivered to 1, 2 or 3 classes of approximately 30 children. All sessions can be adapted easily to cater for your topic’s learning outcomes, children's needs and the available space. Resources and materials are supplied, so you don't need to lift a finger!



  • What do we know?

  • Why do we remember?

  • Atuatuca Gallic Wars

After Break


  • Roman Economy

  • Auxiliary Training

  • Item handling



  • How did the Romans relax?

  • Battle Formations

  • The Fall

Photo from Rhi (2).jpg

Y4 Teacher- Birmingham Academy

Thanks again for the amazing day! The students absolutely loved it and we can't thank you enough.


Y4  child - Dudley Borough

I loved investigating all of the artefacts this morning! I think it must have been so hard to be a Roman soldier because the armour was so heavy!

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