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The Anglo-Saxon Chronicles

Felix's Life of Saint Guthlac was part of the complied works that made the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles. The extract below was written by Felix, detailing the nightmarish demons that haunted Saint Guthlac.

Ferocious in appearance, terrible in shape with great heads, long necks, thin faces, yellow complexions, filthy beards, shaggy ears, wild foreheads, fierce eyes, foul mouths, horses' teeth, throats vomiting flames, twisted jaws, thick lips, strident voices, singed hair, fat cheeks, scabby thighs, knotty knees, crooked legs, swollen ankles, splay feet, spreading mouths, raucous cries.

Follow Up Tasks

1. Can you define each of the descriptions? Use a dictionary or search for the meanings of tricky words online.

2. Can you draw a representation of the beast described?

3. Can you decide if this is a work of fact or fiction? What makes you think this?

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