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Comparing Historical Soldiers

We all know that technology changes as time goes on and military technology is no different. Comparing different uniforms and military equipment over thousands of years helps us see where new items got their influences from and where breakthrough inventions were used for war!

Follow Up Tasks

1. Compare the photographs created by the brilliant Thom Atkinson (link below). Look for similarities and differences in the soldiers equipment. Choose two and record your findings in a table or Venn diagram.


2. Create a time line showing all of these soldiers. Try adding in a Greek hoplite, a Roman centurion,  a Celtic warrior, an Anglo-Saxon warrior and a Viking huscarl. There are great jumps in time between some and some even cross over. What does this timeline show you about the equipment soldiers used through the ages?


3. Get creative and design your own military uniform. Think about each of your decisions wisely and see if you can justify your choices. Most of all, have fun!

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